Anti-subsidy measure introduced on rainbow trout from Turkey

A provisional anti-subsidy measure has been introduced by the Commission on imports of rainbow trout originating from Turkey, with effect from 7th November. The provisional countervailing duty ranges from 7% to 9.7%, with non-sampled cooperating companies receiving a rate of 8.2%.

This follows complaints that trout production in Turkey is publicly subsidised, leading to European companies claiming unfair competition. The investigation found that nearly all trout farmers in Turkey benefited from direct government subsidies, allowing Turkish exporters to undercut the sales price in Europe by nearly 9% on average and to massively increase their market share by 8 percentage points over the last few years.

The Commission now has four months to complete its investigations before deciding on the need for definitive measures.

The currentduty will be applied to imports originating from Turkey with the following TARIC codes: 0301919011, 0302118011, 0303149011, 0304429010, 0304829010 and 0305430011.

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